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Houfy Guides for Lowcountry Villa

What is Houfy?  Houfy is a new vacation rental listing site that allows travelers to book directly with the owners.  Houfy is still in the growing phase,  and we haven’t actually received any bookings or used it yet for travel so we can’t comment on that experience.

One of the features that I can recommend is the Guides.  The Guides are the social part of Houfy where you can access collections of local information about a destination from the vacation rental owners.  Other listings sites such as Airbnb have guides too, but for smaller destinations, guides aren’t promoted or even accessible for travelers.

So far, we have compiled 31 Houfy guides for Lowcountry Villa about Harbor Island, Beaufort, Road Trips, etc.  Just through the exercise of compiling these Guides, I’ve learned so much about the area and it’s nice to know the info is now accessible in an organized manner.

Check out some of our Guides listed below: