Harbor Island SC Online Booking

Harbor Island SC online booking is available for the Lowcountry Villa vacation rental through the following options.

TideWatch Vacations

TideWatch Vacations, our property manager, now lists Lowcountry Villa's availability calendar, photos, property details and has payment options available on their website.

Expedia Group

TideWatch Vacations advertises on the Expedia Group websites.

Expedia Group owns several online travel agency (OTA) websites including the HomeAway, Homelidays, VacationRentals.com, and VRBO brands.

OTAs charge additional service fees when booking a vacation rental online.


We manage our Airbnb host listing.

An additional service fee applies for booking through Airbnb, but it is usually not as high as the other OTAs listed above.

Airbnb provides referral links to all their users to give to first time Airbnb travelers.  Lowcountry Villa's referral link can save first time Airbnb travelers $40 off their first reservation.

If you use our referral link, we will also get a credit added to our account.


We manage our Houfy listing.

Houfy is a new listing site for vacation rentals and vacation properties for sale.  Houfy provides a means to connect directly with the owner to get the best price.

Since Houfy is not an OTA, it does not charge additional service fees to book online through their website.

Travel Aggregator Websites

Travel Aggregator Websites pull their listings from a collection of travel, hotel and OTA websites.

Because the website addresses for listings can change frequently, these websites may not be your best resource for travel planning.

Lowcountry Villa's listing currently displays on the following travel aggregator websites: