Cuisinart Coffee Center

Coffee makers in vacation rentals get a lot of action, and after a 4-year run, ours was done.  Switches were pulled off and there were sporadic brewing problems, R.I.P.  Our property manager quickly replaced it with a new basic model, but we knew it wouldn’t be sufficient in the long run.

We have been regular users of the programmable brewing and hot water features.  Cuisinart still made a version of our old model, but we found this one instead, the Cuisinart Combination K-cup/Carafe Coffee Maker.  It’s like our old one, but with K-cup functionality.  Making hot tea with a bag is still so easy (use the K-cup side without adding a K-cup) to serve both coffee and tea drinkers.

We’re always looking for ways to make our vacation rental more comfortable and inviting – think Harbor Island Hygge.

Not Sponsored Disclosure:  We purchased our new coffee maker.