Cuisinart Coffee Center

Not Sponsored Disclosure:  We purchased our new coffee maker. Coffee makers in vacation rentals get a lot of action, and after about a 4-year run, ours slowly died over the summer with switches pulled off and sporadic brewing problems, R.I.P. Our property manager quickly replaced it with a … Continue reading
TideWatch Vacations

TideWatch Vacations

We are pleased to announce that we have signed with TideWatch Vacations for property manager services. What Has Not Changed: Same great service from Jeanne-Greene and Doris; Harbor Island Rentals is now TideWatch. Same Harbor Island Location, 2123 Sea Island Parkway Same Airbnb and … Continue reading

Houfy Guides for Lowcountry Villa

What is Houfy?  Houfy is a new vacation rental listing site that allows travelers to book directly with the owners.  Houfy is still in the growing phase,  and we haven't actually received any bookings or used it yet for travel so we can't comment on that experience. One of the features that I … Continue reading

Stranded Horseshoe Crabs

Walking on the Harbor Island beach, you will very likely see a Horseshoe Crab.  Here is the link some useful information from the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium on what to do if you see a Stranded Horseshoe Crab and how to properly flip … Continue reading
Harbor Island, SC Turtle Program

2018 Harbor Island, SC Turtle Program

Happy May 1st and the start of the South Carolina Turtle Season!  Here's some updated information on Harbor Island's Turtle Program: Greetings Harbor Island Homeowners, My name is Jan Grimsley and I am a Harbor Island owner AND one of the 2018 Harbor Island Sea Turtle Nesting and Stranding … Continue reading